Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Research Across America!

Fourth graders have been "traveling" the country collecting information on particular United States as part of a collaborative research project involving library research skills, technology and the Social Studies curriculum. Each student has been assigned one of the 50 states to research.  They are using online encyclopedias, travel and state websites and old fashioned books to find everything from State Bird to Famous Residents to  Landmarks, Monuments and other Places of Interest.    The research portion of the project is being done under the guidance of Ms. Silag in the Library and this week students began working with Mrs. Seymour in the Tech Lab to learn how to put together a Power Point slide presentation on the PCs.  Students will design a presentation about their state using the facts they've collected and ultimately share their learnings with their classmates during an oral presentation in future Library and Technology classes.
Frank W. finds lots of cool facts about
the state of New Jersey!
Tatum comments: "Who knew Alaska was so big?"

Lily and Hannah review their research
notes as they get their Power Point
presentation started.
Grayson starts her Power Point Presentation
on hot, happening Florida!

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