Thursday, March 29, 2012

Learning the Piano-5th Grade

The fifth graders of Memorial School are helping each other to learn how to
play the piano keyboard.  Each classroom of fifth graders has a group of
students who take private piano lessons outside of school.  Their skills are
being put to good use as they serve as "teachers" to their classmates.  Each
teacher has a studio of students who get a 10 - 15 minute private lesson
during each music class.  Each teacher receives payment to their personal
5th grade checkbook at the end of class.  Ask your students what they have
learned either as a piano student or teacher!
This technology is possible through the use of the MAC laptops with Garage
Band, and the compatible Music Audio Keystation 49e (provided by a previous
grant from Spaulding).

~Mrs. Wood, Music

Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting Artist: Robin Brickman

Thanks to the Spaulding Education Fund, Memorial School students enjoyed a very special artistic experience this month!  Memorial School students in grades K-5 honed their imagination and artistic skills under the watchful eye of visiting Artist-in-Residence, Robin Brickman earlier this month.  Ms. Brickman, illustrator of dozens of nature-related children’s and adult books, joined Memorial School Art Teacher Claudette Yutkins in the art room every day for a week.  She met with every class to demonstrate the cut paper illustrations that she is best known for.   Brickman, from western Massachusetts, explained to students how she first paints, then cuts, then sculpts paper into three dimensional figures which are then photographed for illustrations.  Memorial students tried their hand at this intricate and unique art form and the result is a mural “One Night in the Coral Sea” now on display in the main hallway at Memorial.  The program was organized by the PTO Enrichment Committee and fully funded by The Spaulding Education Fund!  Thank you to all who contributed to a memorable week for Memorial students and for the generous donation from the Spaulding Education Fund…it was a week to remember for us all!

Enjoy the short video featuring students in Mr. Gugino's class as they create shells, jellyfish and fish to be a part of the "One Night in the Coral Sea" mural.