Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Gates Asks Memorial 5th Graders for Help?

Alden reads the introduction to the Famous
Scientists Webquest to his 5th grade classmates
during Library class.

That's right!  Well...kind of.  This week in the library,  fifth graders are being introduced to a Webquest where they are called upon to assist billionaire, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Mr. Bill Gates, to identify the world's most significant scientist or inventor.

(Are you wondering what a Webquest is? Its an inquiry-based activity in which students obtain most or all information via the internet.  They allow students to use time wisely, focus on using the information vs just looking for information and allow students to analyze, synthesize and evaluate facts to come to a conclusion usually regarding a particular scenario, which is often fictional.)

This week students are learning about their task to find the greatest thinker in the world.  In the coming weeks, they will use online sources to research biographical information about one great scientist or inventor. They will learn about that individual's major contributions and impact on the world during Library class. They will then take their findings to Technology class and create a persuasive PowerPoint presentation that they will share with their classmates.  After all students have presented their work, they will vote on which great thinker they believe should be the namesake of a new, non-profit,  state-of-the-art technology complex sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

For a closer look at this fun, collaborative research project, go to Caught in the Web on the MMES webpage, click on the "Webquests" tab and check out "5th Grade Famous Scientists" !